Our Mission

Blind Early Services TN ensures that families are empowered and equipped through specialized programs of support to provide blind and visually impaired young children their absolute BEST start.

Our Goal

BEST was founded in 2020 as a not-for-profit organization in Tennessee.  Founded by two mothers of blind and visually-impaired young boys, BEST works to ensure that all qualifying children/families in the state of Tennessee receive appropriate training and resources specific to the developmental needs of children with visual impairment. It is our belief that high-quality, individualized, and ongoing services for ALL families of visually impaired or blind children should be easily accessible no matter your location or financial situation.

Our Values

  • Courage — we strive to be examples of perseverance and strength for families as they raise and advocate for a child with special needs
  • Compassion — we are founded by parents, for parents – and the needs of the family are our top priority
  • Collaboration — we see ourselves as a partner to families, caregivers, providers, and the community at large since it truly takes a village
  • Customization — we believe strongly that individualized, specialized and certified services for children with visual impairment or blindness are a necessity, not a luxury, and cannot be substituted

Our Methods

  • Educate — our certified and trained staff educates families and other members of the child’s team in how to best support, engage and foster progress in the development of the child
  • Empower — with the knowledge we provide our families comes empowerment to advocate for the BEST possible future for the child
  • Encourage — by providing parent-to-parent support opportunities, our families feel supported, connected and encouraged
  • Equip — through working with BEST’s team of qualified professionals, our families and children move forward into transition stages with the tools they need to truly be their BEST!