BEST was founded on a mission to bring the outreach services of CTVI’s (Certified Teachers of the Visually Impaired) and specialized Early Interventionists to qualified children birth to 5 years old in Tennessee.  Additionally, we vowed to create a well-rounded program that was family-focused and equipped our families with the knowledge, resources and support they need to BEST support their children.

Our current service offerings include:

To qualify for services, the child must have a written note from a pediatric opthamologist stating that the child has a current or regressive condition that causes or will cause total or likely legal blindness in one or both eyes – and that the visual acuity cannot be corrected with lenses.

If the child is currently under the age of three and believed to qualify for services, please contact us at

If the child has reached or passed their third birthday, please understand that we do not provide direct services at this time.  However, we still invite you to join our Newsletter and BEST Together events and also to reach out to us directly for more information about how we can support you.